Masayoshi Oiwane
As the rst exclusive casino dealing school in Japan, the Japan CASINO School was established in April 2004. Often featured in the media, our school has gained signicant attention throughout Japan. Since opening, more than 800 students have graduated and 20% of them have gone on to work as casino dealers overseas, and the rest of them work at amusement casinos, cruise ships, and various hotels in Japan.
Besides training in professional dealing skills,we set other important educational goals to cultivate the "Hospitality" Spirit. Our instructors are experienced in casinos overseas and possess a very high standard of hospitality and customer service. We hope that the international outlook that we impart to our students will enable them to make broad contributions, not only to Japanese society, but also to societies around the world. We teach our students to become positive forces and we ourselves provide a model for that by striving to be productive within our community.
Finally, it is with pride that the Japan CASINO School fullls its mission to provide the hospitality industry with a sound and steady foundation for growth through our graduates.


Nov. 2003 Press Conference: Formally announced the launch of Japan CASINO School and was covered by more than 100 media outlets
Apr. 2004 Official commencement of Japan CASINO School:First term started with 112 students
Nov. 2004 Principal Masayoshi Oiwane's effort to raise a highly-skilled workforce for the casino industry was evaluated highly and awarded with "Japan Casino of the Year 2004"
Dec. 2004 Internship at Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino started
Apr. 2005 Accredited by Japan Casino Dealers Association as the first official dealer school in Japan
Feb. 2006 Hosted first "Casino in Odaiba" (simulated casino event) which was attended by 30 lawmakers and more than 100 people in related industries
Mar. 2007 Hosted second "Casino in Odaiba"
Jul. 2007 Internship exchange program with 7LUCK Casino (Korea) started
Sep. 2008 Organized first international casino conference and "Japan Gaming Expo 2008"
Apr. 2010 International Professional Dealer / Expert Course launched
Aug. 2011 Hosted the first casino event at an elderly care facility which was widely covered by the media
Jun. 2013 Signed an agreement of the exchange program with University of Perpetual Help System, Philippines
Apr. 2015 Second training room open
Oct. 2016 Canada woking holiday internship program started
Apr. 2017 Classroom refurbished / Poker room "JCS Hold'em" open
Mar. 2018 Hosted "Poker Grand Prix Season 1"
Apr. 2018 Japan CASINO School Osaka open / Supervisor course started (Tokyo)
Apr. 2019 Tokyo classroom refurbished / Scond training room in Osaka Shinsaibashi open

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