Advantages of Having JCS Casino Interns

Course Subjects

  1. Already trained, ready to work
  2. All JCS casino interns are trained on dealing three games; Blackjack, Mini-Baccarat and Roulette, plus English, Casino Hospitality and Casino Culture.
  3. Growth in the Japanese market
  4. With a Japanese intern present, Japanese tourists feel more comfortable.
  5. No financial risks for the host companies
  6. If the intern is found not to be suitable as a permanent staff, with the end of the internship period, the contract does not have to be renewed so there are no financial risks.


  1. Host Registration Form
  2. Sent by JCS to Host company. After completion, Host company send back to JCS.
  3. Candidates Selection
  4. Intern candidates will be introduced.
  5. Telephone Interview
  6. After agreement to interview our candidate, the Host company will call the candidate and conduct an interview directly. The result is given to JCS.
  7. Work Permit
  8. If the candidate is accepted after the interview, then the host company will assist in applying for a "Work Permit" or "Working Visa".
  9. Apply for Visa
  10. If a work permit is issued, JCS will assist the intern in acquiring a Visa in Japan.
  11. Departure for Internship

Careers - The world is the arena

Overseas - Our graduates are building successful careers all around the world.


Domestic - Some of the graduates work in Japan, preparing for the future.


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